DevOps — an Introduction

After a recent survey, we get an idea about the upcoming trends in DevOps culture. The future of DevOps will probably see continued growth of the cloud, tools facilitating automation, containers, and company-wide collaboration. Here are a few points for it –

  • · Containerization has gained popularity now-a-days. This is because Docker has become a bit bloated. Therefore, we can expect more evolution in Containerization and less virtualization.
  • · Soon, DevOps will be in IoT companies. Code doesn’t get pushed without going through DevOps engineers. As such, the DevOps engineer must be trusted — they’ll have a significant amount of power.
  • · DevOps and Continuous Delivery will change the software development economy as there are infinite releases that all work. Developers will not need to be in house, they can just put their code in the container and let people add to the production code.
  • · Chef has new tools like Test Kitchen and Chef Script that enables users to test locally so they don’t have to wait for servers to spin up. Integration is better with different cloud services. This makes it easier, faster, and reduces costs.
  • · Continuous delivery empowers anyone to release new features when they’re ready. Things will have been built and architected so it’s a push button release that no one can screw up.




#Blogger #Devops enthusiast

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#Blogger #Devops enthusiast

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